Kids and Dogs

At times, Kids and Dogs can be a tricky combo. 
As one of only three certified Family Paws Parent Educators in Manhattan, Rachel specializes in helping expectant families, and families with kids of all ages, create a safe and stress-free home. 
Whether you are expecting a new child, need help troubleshooting the relationship between your dog and your kids, or are bringing a new dog into your home with kids, Leash and Learn can help your family proactively adjust to the changes in your household. 

Have a dog and welcoming a child?

First, congratulations! Welcoming home a new child is something to celebrate. With that, a new child presents many changes in your family, for both you and your dog. Preparing your family for life with a dog and a child ahead of time can help keep your child safe, prevent stress, and increase your success. 

Working as a team before your new child arrives with Leash and Learn's customized family plan:

  • Helps keep your child safe

  • Prevents stress

  • Increases success

  • Sets your dog, your home, and yourself up for success

  • Discusses safe intros

  • Creates realistic expectations

  • Helps your dog adjust more quickly to life with kids

  • Teaches your dog essential skills for life with baby

  • As your baby grows Leash and Learn can help your family prepare for life with a toddler

It is recommended that you begin lessons as soon as you know you are expecting a new addition. The more time your family has to prepare the better. But, it's never too late to do family dog training and help your family prepare for life with dogs and babies & kids!

Have a dog and kids and experiencing growing pains?

If you have a family dog and kids, and are noticing behaviors that are concerning or scary, Leash and Learn can help you troubleshoot.

Leash and Learn employs positive reinforcement training techniques to develop a customized training plan and to help you address the behavior. 


  • Rachel comes to your home for your initial consultation

  • Rachel take a detailed history, and observe your dog's behavior

  • Together we determine realistic goals and create a plan

  • We begin training exercises

  • Safety and management are implemented

  • When necessary, Rachel will work in conjunction with your Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviorist to ensure the greatest success for your dog

  • Follow up lessons are available in packages of 4 or 8. Rachel will tell you which option fits you best. It is recommended that lessons are spaced about 2 weeks apart for maximum success


Have kids and welcoming a new dog?

A new dog can be a great addition to a family. Dogs give unconditional love and can be a kid's best friend. But, it is important to make sure everyone gets off on the right foot. Leash and Learn can help your family safely welcome home a new dog. Investing in training before any problems arise pays off tenfold down the road. Preventing problems is easier than fixing them.


By including the whole family during training sessions and focusing on building strong relationships between your family and your new dog, Leash and Learn will help everyone stay safe and teach you how to include your dog in daily family activities. 

New dog lessons can even start before your dog arrives!



Free Phone Call

If you still have some questions or are looking for more detailed information about how our certified, vet-recommended trainer can help,  you can schedule your free 15-minute phone call with Rachel. You can request a phone call by clicking the "schedule here" button below. 


Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is your first training appointment. This is when we talk about what's going on with your dog, determine appropriate goals, come up with a training plan, and begin training. 


Your initial consultation and runs between 90-120 minutes. Following the appointment, you receive typed notes reviewing everything we covered. 



If email is your preferred method of communication you can send an email by clicking the "contact here" button below and we will reach out shortly. 



Ella and Miles

Rachel has a very special way of working. She slips into your home so quietly and gracefully, you don’t even really notice the startling work she is doing until one day you look back at the beginning, middle and end of the process, and realize how subtle and nuanced her training has been. The best training is when life has not been disrupted or when more anxiety has not been added; the training Rachel provides brings calm, solid, and lasting betterment to the entire household at large. Ella is better. Miles is better.  We feel stronger. Our daughter is safer. And it is through Rachel’s consistent and steady work that we have come this far without it ever really feeling like “work”.  Thank you, Rachel. 

We couldn’t be more grateful.