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Dogs Best Friend 

For years dogs have been man’s best friend. But don’t you think it’s about time your dog had a best friend too?


That’s where we step in! 

Dogs don't lie, and neither do we!
Like the best best friend, we promise to: 

  • Translate your dog’s quirky, scary, and embarrassing behaviors into a language you understand

  • Make difficult challenges less daunting 

  • Listen without judgment, and make sure you feel heard

  • Provide gentle reminders, honest feedback, and empower you to lead your dog to a place of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation  

  • Support you as you learn to accept your dog for who they are, make decisions, and become a happier human as your life with your dog becomes more peaceful and relaxing  

  • Cultivate your confidence

  • Unite you and your dog

Like a best friend we won’t 

  • Solve your problems for you...

... we solve your problems with you. 
And most importantly, we’ll train your dog

Look how happy he is, 
this could be your dog!

Team work makes the dream work, baby!

I know, it's a dad joke so cringe (I think that's what the kids say these days) your eyes rolled to the back of your head and got stuck.

But, it's cliché because it's true, team work does make the dream work. 

If we don't work together as a team, we won't get very far. 

You and your dog also need to become a team. Training isn't just teaching your dog to blindly do what it’s told, it's building (and sometimes repairing) a relationship.

If you don't take the time to become teammates with your dog all the effort you put into training will be short lived. We are training your dog for the rest of the life, not just right now. 

Work Leash and Learn to acquire the tools you need to build a strong relationship with your dog. This will allow you and your dog to achieve more, and ​yes…

... your dog will learn to do what you ask

Sorry, I got so excited I almost forgot!


Umm, that's great and all,
But who are you? 

That's me, Rachel! And my dog Dustin

He currently holds the number one spot on my list of favorite dogs.

This bio is for sure the hardest part of this website to write. I mean, how do I tell you how amazing I am without sounding cocky, condescending, and arrogant? I'm honestly still not quite sure. So sorry in advance for any offense you may (but hopefully don't!) take to the next couple of paragraphs. 

Rachel Lane is a highly-skilled, sought after dog trainer. She is recommended by vets, has a multitude of certifications, and, as a candidate for Virginia Tech’s Masters of Science in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare, Rachel  is among the most qualified dog trainers in NYC. 


She’s an avid student of positive reinforcement training and translates cutting-edge animal behavior sciences into city-smart training for your dog.


A happy dog is a safe dog. Rachel’s mission is to help you and your dog learn how to enjoy safe and happy city living, one paw at a time.


Although behavior is a complex science, Rachel believes  in creating training plans that ensure success for clients and their dogs, all while making those plans as straightforward as possible . With patience, practice, and consistency, Rachel helps you and your dog develop a deeper relationship while meeting your training goals. 


Though blessed to have shared her life with SO many amazing dogs, Rachel is the proud doggy-mom of Dustin, her almost twelve-year-old terrier mix. Dustin was adopted from NYCACC death row after failing all of his shelter evaluations.

With a lot of love and positive training, Dustin has gone on to earn his champion trick dog title, starred in a movie and has been in a professional children’s production of the musical “Annie.” He also competes in rally, nose work, canine musical freestyle and does agility for fun.


Dogs Rachel has worked with have gone on to do many great and wonderful things, but most importantly, they become beloved, well-behaved, family members. 

Do you actually know what you're doing?

Yes, luckily we do!

Trainers at Leash and Learn must be appropriately qualified for the dogs and clients they are working with. 

Rachel's Credentials:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed 

  • Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare, Masters Candidate, Virginia Tech (completing 2022)

  • Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior, University of Washington

  • Family Paws Parent Educator Certified

  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • American Safety and Health Institute, Pet First Aid Certified

You keep saying "we" who else works there?

We have one intern,

2 official helper dogs,

and many un-official helper dogs.




After getting her dog, Georgie, Waverly fell in love with training! ​

She sometimes comes to appointments with Rachel, assists with note-taking, takes pictures and/or videos when appropriate, and helps with training if/when needed. 

In addition to helping during appointments, Waverly sometimes dog sits. She is American Safety and Health Institute, Pet First Aid Certified, and is an Associate Certified Trick Dog Instructor. 

When not training dogs, Waverly loves Robotics. She builds robots in robotics club at school, and they compete with other schools across the area. She hopes to study robotics in college. 


Helper Dog


Breed: Unknown

D.O.B.: December 1, 2010

Titles: Rally Master Champion, Trick Dog Champion, Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog Performer, Rally Intermediate, Agility Course Test I, Scent Work Novice Container, Scent Work Novice Buried (CGC, RN, RI, TDP, RL1, RL2, RL3, RL1X2, RL2X3,RL3X2, ARCH, ARCHX, ARCHEX, ARCHMX, SCN, SBN, ACT I, TDN, TDI, TDA, TDE, TDCH)

Dustin was adopted from NYC Animal Control in 2012. He did not do very well on his shelter evaluations. He did not have the best start to life, but since going home with Rachel, Dustin has come a long way. He starred in a short film, was in a professional children's theater production of Annie. And most importantly, he is a happy, healthy boy. He is up for any activity, loves to play with his toys, and has fun heading to dinner or the park. You can read more about Dustin Here


Helper Dog



D.O.B.: December 10, 2020

Titles: Intermediate Trick Dog

Sometimes people see Georgie's adorable 6 lbs of fluff and think she is more of an accessory than a dog. But don't let her size fool you, Georgie can keep up with the big dogs. She loves any adventure, her 3 human siblings, belly rubs, and of course, treats. 


I'm ready to get started!

This sounds great, tell me more! 

What do you need help with?

Aggression and Behavior Modification

Does your dog need a behaviorist? This is the place to go, we help with aggressive, obmoxious, or other wise unruly canines. 


Manners and Obedience

Your dog isn't a puppy, but he still acts like one and only listens sometimes, or not at all? This is the page for you! 

2013.02.14 - _2142006.jpg

Kids and Dogs

Have a dog and expecting a new child? Have a child and brining home a new dog? Have a dog and a child who aren't quite getting along the way you would like? This is the place for you!



Have a puppy? Bringing home a puppy? If your dog is under 20 weeks old check us out here!

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