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Online Dog and Puppy Training

Yes! You can train your dog from the comfort of your home with Leash and Learn's online dog and puppy training.

How it Works

Using any internet-connected device with a camera you can access skilled training and instruction without leaving your home. Instead of me coming to your home, we meet through an online meeting platform.

What Types of Training Can I do Online?

Online sessions can be just as successful as in-person lessons and are available for a variety of common dog training requests including: puppy training, potty training, basic obedience, barking and lunging at dogs, barking and lunging at people, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and more! 

If you wouldl like to address a behavior that is not listed, plese reach out and we will let you know if it is something we can work on through online training.



You receive the same expertise, guidance, and immediate feedback as an in-person session. 


Travel time is eliminated. Scheduling is flexible and convenient with weekend and late-night appointments.


Meeting with a trainer from the comfort of your home prevents the spread of communicable diseases.  


During online lessons, you receive guided step by step instructions and immediate feedback. After lessons, you receive additional follow up support.


You and your dog absolutely can be as successful with online dog training sessions as you would with in-person sessions. 

Online Training Options

Private Instruction

Days, Nights, Weekends

Private instruction is customized to your needs. You tell me what's going on, and then we come up with a plan to fix it. We will discuss what might be causing these behaviors, and I will show you how to fix them. Your first appointment is your initial consultation and runs between 90-120 minutes. Depending on your goals, follow-up sessions are sometimes needed, and they cost $150 for 60 minutes. 




Webinar: Boredom Busters

Friday April 10, 7:00 PM

Sunday April 12, 1:00 PM

How can you help Fluffy busy while stuck inside all day every day? Well here's how! This webinar will explore a variety of ways you can keep your dog busy while you're inside each and every day for the foreseeable future. There will be several solutions for each and every dog that they will enjoy doing long after PAUSE is over. 




Working from Home Solutions

Thursday April 9, 6:00 PM

Sunday April 12, 3:00 PM

Last week my co-worker ditched me in the middle of a meeting and then later jumped on my lap. By co-worked I, of course, meant my dog since I am working from home right now. What's something frustrating your furry co-worker has been doing? This webinar talks about how to make working from home with your dog easier as quickly as possible. 




Webinar: Preventing Seperation Anxiety

Thursday April 9, 7:30 PM

Sunday April 12, 11:00 AM

Our dogs LOVE that we are home all day right now. But what happens when we go back to work? This webinar will talk about steps we can take now to prepare our dogs for our return to work as we prevent separation anxiety from developing. This webinar includes a Q&A session at the end. 



Whichever option you choose, we’ll work as a team to solve your problems and overcome challenges. Through humane, science-based, positive reinforcement training, you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is happy, healthy and progressing.
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