My Favorite Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Updated: Nov 2

I have seen a lot of dog treat recipes going around lately and I finally had time to try some out. I took two recipes that looked good and adapted them into one. I found this recipe easy to make, and the dogs all seemed to love them, so I decided to share!

One change that I would suggest making is to cook the treats in a "Pyramid Pan." Cooking them in the sheet pan worked well, but the Pyramid Pan will save you time because it cooks them in bite-sized pieces.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

1 can chicken or 2 cans tuna (with liquid)

1 cup tapioca flour (it is very important that it is tapioca flour)

4 oz cheese, cubed

2 eggs

Step 2: Blend in Food Processor

Step 3: Pour into Pan and Bake

I poured these into a sheet pan, about 1/4" thick, but if you have a Pyramid Pan I recommend using that. Once in pan, cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

Step 4 (Optional): Cut Treats

If you baked your treats in a sheet pan you will need to cut them. A pizza cutter is a very easy way to slice the treats and shape into bite sized squares. If you baked your treats in the pyramid pan, simply pop them out.

Step 5: Feed your Dogs

I think this one is self explanatory :)

Gibbs, Gretel, Trixie, and Dustin all loved the new treats!


The recipe makes a decent sized batch. To keep the treats fresh I portioned them into containers and stored the leftovers in the freezer. I can pull them out of the freezer every couple of days and they are just as fresh as the day they were baked.

Happy Cooking!

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