Updated: May 13, 2020

I was at Michael’s recently and found this little silicone dog bone mold for about $2. It was super cute and I decided to try to be a Pinterest mom for Dustin. I made him some different flavors of pupscicles and wanted to share some of the recipes I tried. They were all surprisingly quick and easy. I also thought it was timely given the summer heat we have faced in the last couple of weeks. 

Chicken broth and parmesan cheese

To do: Mix broth and cheese, stir, pour into the mold, freeze.

Strawberry and Yogurt

To do: Blend or puree a couple of strawberries with a little bit of water and some yogurt. Pour into the mold, freeze. I did not add the yogurt into the strawberries when I made them, but it was purely for aesthetic reasons. If you want the easiest version just pour it all together and freeze. If you want them to look like mine, pour pureed strawberries, freeze, then pour yogurt and freeze. 

Canned Dog Food

To do: Open dog food, fill the mold, freeze. 

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