Dustin's Body Shop Photo Campaign

Last week Dustin and I headed down to the UN where he posed in some photos for the Body Shop. The shoot was for their Forever Against Animal testing campaign. We met up with the Dogist as the dogs protested outside of the UN for the end of animal testing.  If you would like to learn more about the Body Shop’s campaign click here.

Louis takes on Puppy Mudder

Early this year Louis and I headed to Brooklyn to take on Puppy Mudder presented by Tough Mudder ad Nulo Pet Food. Louis was amazing! He was surrounded by unfamiliar people and many, many unfamiliar dogs. He was rock solid and performed beautifully. His parents have done such an amazing job working with him that he was not fazed by all the new experiences he had that night. You can check out the video produced below and also see him repping Nulo Pet Food on instagram on the right. 

Dustin and Molly Star in their First "Viral Video" Commercial

Over the summer Dustin and Molly got to work with Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food for a "viral video" commercial they were shooting. The video introduces some of their new pet food but is also raising awareness about the benefits of adopting shelter pets. All dogs in the video are rescues and it shows them dancing in happiness after finding their forever homes. They both had fun filming and showed off some of their cute tricks. To watch the whole video click here.  
We are very excited and proud of Shanti for starring in her first commercial. It is for and the new movie coming out "Life of Pets," casting call. There are a couple other versions up on youtube as well. She did a great job in a hectic new environment and we are very grateful for the opportunity! 

Shanti Stars in her First Commercial

Dustin recently auditioned for a photo shoot for the broadway play Sylvia. He made final cut but was not the final choice. He had lots of fun backstage and we are proud of him for making it so far.

Dustin Auditions for Broadway