Manners and Obedience Training

Some things were cute as a puppy, but now your dog is 80 pounds and jumping on visitors isn't cute anymore. Sometimes small problems become big problems. Sometimes your dog behaves in ways that are embarrassing, stressful, and might even frighten you. Don't worry! Leash and Learn's unique approach to dog training leaves you feeling calm and confident.

My goal with every dog I work with is for them to be a happy, active member of your family.  Every dog and family is different so the process is 100% personalized for you!


Manners and Obedience Training

Manners training is just that, teaching your dog manners that can be used in everyday life. The specific behaviors that you would like your dog to learn are up to you! We will customize the obedience and manners that we teach your dog based on your goals. 


Once your dog has all the basics we can even take them out and about to ensure safe and happy city living! We will go to the places that are most important for you, including the park, stores, the bank, busy sidewalks, and anywhere else, teaching your dog to perform his new manners and obedience with even the most tempting of distractions.

Examples of Manners and Obedience

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Crate Training

  • Greeting guests without jumping

  • Say please when he wants something

  • Name Recognition

  • Off

  • Up

  • Heel

  • Come

  • Touch

  • Leave it

  • Drop it

  • Go out to eat with you

  • Lay quietly while you eat without begging

  • Going shopping with you

  • Walk without eating things off the ground

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Relaxing on his Bed

  • And More! 

Whatever your training goals may be, there are two ways we can make them happen: 

Option 1
Premium Obedience Jump Start Program

We Train Your Dog for You 
Perfect for busy, on the go New Yorkers who would like a well-trained dog but don’t have the time to fit training into their schedule on a daily basis. 

How it Works

Leash and Learn works with your dog 3-5 times each week in your home and outside. You receive detailed accounts of what we cover each day. We meet together every 7-10 days to transfer the new skills your dog is learning. This option is highly recommended if you are busy or want quick relief from any problems you might be having. The majority of clients choose this option. 


  • Leash and Learn trains your dog for you. 

  • Faster, longer-lasting results

  • You get peace of mind knowing your dog is well cared for while you are at work. 

  • Less of a time commitment for you.

  • You receive detailed record of what we cover each day, sent after every session, including pictures and videos 

Option 2
Basic Obedience Programs

We Teach You How to Train Your Dog Perfect for people who want to learn how to train their dog and have time every day to practice. 

How it Works

We meet weekly, in your home. I will answer all your questions and I will show you what to practice between sessions. You do the homework session to session


  • You get to train your dog yourself. 

  • Guaranteed time slot each week. 

  • A detailed recap of each lesson, including step-by-step instructions on what to practice. 

  • Phone and Email support.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll work as a team to solve your problems and overcome challenges. Through humane, science-based, positive reinforcement training, you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is happy, healthy and progressing.


Harper was full of energy when I showed

Free Phone Call

If you still have some questions or are looking for more detailed information about how our certified, vet-recommended trainer can help,  you can schedule your free 15-minute phone call with Rachel. You can request a phone call by clicking the "schedule here" button below. 


Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is your first training appointment. This is when we talk about what's going on with your dog, determine appropriate goals, come up with a training plan, and begin training. 


Your initial consultation and runs between 90-120 minutes. Following the appointment, you receive typed notes reviewing everything we covered. 



If email is your preferred method of communication you can send an email by clicking the "contact here" button below and we will reach out shortly. 



Rachel is very knowledgeable and great experience. Goes above and beyond to create a custom experience and help get your furry friend to the next level. Tailored experience and comes to you for training, highly recommend.


Rachel has been an amazing addition to Pickle's world. Rachel trains him and also helps us become better dog parents. We have noticed he is calmer on walks and has healthier interactions with other dogs. Additionally, Rachel gives us extensive feedback, tips, and tricks on how we can expand upon what she is doing with Pickle.



Rachel is extremely responsible, flexible, and communicative. Rachel has a gift--she is great with dogs as well as humans. Our neighbors and local canines know and love her. We trust her completely and highly recommend working with Rachel!


Rachel is awesome!!!
She is caring and professional and I never worry when she is with my dogs. My two rescue dogs- both of whom were aggressive- have made amazing strides because of Leash and Learn. They play with other dogs, walk up to strangers- adults and kids- all of this they couldn't do when I first got them.


Rachel practices what she preaches and seems to always know how to handle a problem. She is also really responsive to calls- questions, concerns, freakouts and emergencies (real and imagined). Totally recommend Leash and Learn!!