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Ella and Miles

Rachel has a very special way of working. She slips into your home so quietly and gracefully, you don’t even really notice the startling work she is doing until one day you look back at the beginning, middle and end of the process, and realize how subtle and nuanced her training has been. The best training is when life has not been disrupted or when more anxiety has not been added; the training Rachel provides brings calm, solid, and lasting betterment to the entire household at large. Ella is better. Miles is better.  We feel stronger. Our daughter is safer. And it is through Rachel’s consistent and steady work that we have come this far without it ever really feeling like “work”.  Thank you, Rachel. 

We couldn’t be more grateful.



Leash and Learn is the absolute best.  They SAVED me - I had a 10 week old puppy who was "a little challenging," and I was totally in over my head. Our trainer worked with us on his resource guarding, handling issues, demand barking and separation anxiety (as well as the normal puppy stuff)! We did 8 sessions together and she helped me work with Milo on all of his issues, including ones I wouldn't even have known to look out for. She was also able to connect me to different dog owners in the area for play dates which was super helpful. She is still my go-to person for questions (which she graciously fields). 15/10 would recommend. I would be in a very different place if it wasn't for Leash and Learn.

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Rachel is our fairy godmother.  My husband and I are so much closer to our dog thanks to her.  She has helped us understand what our dog, Sasha, is feeling by looking at Sasha’s body language and actions. She is one of the most responsible, trustworthy, patient, understanding and kind people we have ever met. Most importantly, Rachel loves our dog, and our dog LOVES Rachel. 



Rachel has been an amazing addition to Pickle's world. Rachel trains him and also helps us become better dog parents. We have noticed he is calmer on walks and has healthier interactions with other dogs. Additionally, Rachel gives us extensive feedback, tips, and tricks on how we can expand upon what she is doing with Pickle.



Rachel is extremely responsible, flexible, and communicative. Rachel has a gift--she is great with dogs as well as humans. Our neighbors and local canines know and love her. We trust her completely and highly recommend working with Rachel!

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